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"Cogito ergo sum"—I think, therefore I am—Descartes, 1637


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The purpose here is for any individual to have access to those historical and current ideas relating to individualism as a philosophy for living. The basic contention is that individual experience is the foundation upon which everything else is constructed. As suggested in the Descartes quote above, it all starts with the individual.

You are invited to look over “A Conversation with Milton Friedman.” This one-year, email dialogue between FSI Founder, Gordon F. Brown, and the noted recipient of the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences focuses on linking a philosophy of individualism and the theory of free-market economics.

New to this site is A Conversation with Ray Bradbury with Gordon Brown that began in 2007. Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) is a well-known and prolific American author of short stories and fiction with themes consistent with a philosophy of individualism--notably, Farhrenheit 451. [Posted on June 18, 2012]

Visit "Brown's Perspectives and Commentaries" for essays and reflections on a variety of topics related to individualism. Recent additions include:

* US-China Policy--Posted March 12, 2012, this commentary is an aside to my primary focus of writing a treatise that provides a bird's eye view of individualism as a philosophy based on a relative perspective of reality. When shopping at Trader Joe's, a casual comment to another customer about the virtues of organic bananas resulted in his mentioning that he was going to China. With China now on my mind, I decided to post on this website some of my thoughts where I consider US-China policy to be a part of a natural maturational process involving induction and deduction. As for putting this commentary on the website, I took note that although we do no advertising, there are over 2000 hits per month with China being a respectable second to US hits.

* Tiger's Titantic --This commentary, posted December 20, 2009, on Mr. Wood's current situation is viewed from a relative perspective and takes note of our newsletter in 2002, which can be seen as predicting a significant aspect of this episode.

*Herbert Hoover's American Individualism --This commentary, posted October 2008, explores the implications of Hoover's philosophy of individualism.

“Relativity” is a term we frequently associate with individualism. Our use of the term simply refers to relationships as the basic dynamic underlying human experience. We have provided a link to a series of “Relatively Speaking” newsletters spanning over 25 years.

This is an active site with weekly additions and up-dates. Feel free to leave your comments using our Feedback link.

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