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SOC [now, FSI] has been creating newsletters for the purpose of opening dialog on such topics as philosophy, religion, education, politics, human behavior, and current events.  For your convenience and ease of accessing the newsletters, the first table organizes the newsletters by date and topic; the second table is a topical index with links to the corresponding newsletter.

[Initially, we called the newsletters Relatively Speaking, then changed to the Absolute-Relative Distinction, and then back to Relatively Speaking, which refers to relationships.]


DEC 2003
Democracy: Absolute and Relative Perspectives. Stories in the News.
OCT 2002
Relativity and Tiger Woods.
DEC 2001
Twin Towers: Innocence Lost. Looking Forward (Religious Relativity in Our Future).
JAN 2000
Religion, Relativity, and the Future. Defining the Terms: Absolute, Relative, and Mixed
SEP 1999
Go Ahead, Split that Infinitive. Language and Integrity
DEC 1998
Christinaity and Relativity--What about Christmas?
AUG 1998
Here I Am. Christianity and Relativity--What to ask for.
FEB 1998
Christianity and Relativity--The Nature of Relationships
OCT 1997
Christianity and Relativity--Validating Our Experiences
JUL 1997
Making Sense Out of Living--and Religion. Religion and Relativity.
DEC 1996
Semantics and Relativity: Love [Reprint from Dec. 1982]
JUN 1996
Personal Browth: Steps 2 and 3 for Becoming Human.
JAN 1996
Personal Growth: The First Step on Becoming Human.
AUG 1995
Philosophy: Language and Relativity
APR 1995
Philosophy: Drive-by Shootings and Relativity
JAN 1995
Personal Development: Relativity and New Year's Resolutions
JUN 1993
Philosophy: Relativity and Banana Bread
DEC 1984
On Religion: Christ and Christmas; Beginning Point--According to the God of Abraham; Relationship with God; The Catholic Church--An Absolute Approach.
NOV 1984
Growth: Relativity and Calvin Klein. Politics: The Role of Government in Our Lives; Voting in the Presidntial Election; The California Lottery; William F. Buckley, Jr. as "Mixed."
AUG 1984
Philosophy: The 1984 Olympics.
FEB 1984

Philosophy: the Art of Freedom; How Much Freedom Can You Stand?; The Ecstasy of Freedom; The Agony of Freedom; 4 Steps--A Freedom-Management Technique.

SEP 1983
Philosophy: Peace and War. Semantics: Peace Defined. Growth: Teaching Peace. War. Violence. Human Rights. Legal Idolatry.
DEC 1982
Semantics: Love
SEP 1982
Philosophy: Getting it Together--Peter Sellars. Religion: Truth or Faith?
MAY 1982
Relativity: The Philosophy of Individualism. What does "SOC" stand for? [School of Communication]. What is the Relationship between Youth Work and "Relatively Speaking"?
SEP 1979
Politics: Carter is Mixed. Semantics: The Mixed Individual. Growth: Advantage of Being Mixed.
JAN 1979
Politics: Human Rights and President Carter. Growth: I'm Shallow Too! Religion: Pope and Truth. Sex: To Talk or Not to Talk .
  [Currently unavailable]
AUG 1978
Law: The Bakke Decision. Semantics [Absolute and Relative]
JAN 1978
Freedom [Absolute and Relative Views]
AUG 1977
Purpose of the Newsletter. Absolute-Relative Distinction.
JAN 1976
Law: Application of the Absolute-Relative Distinction.
OCT 1976
Politics: Application of the Absolute-Relative Distinction.
SEP 1976
Theology: Application of the Absolute-Relative Distinction.
AUG 1976
Business: Application of the Relative-Absolute Distinction.
JUL 1976
Politics: Application of the Relative-Absolute Distinction.
JUL 1976
Philosophy: Definintion of Relativity
JUL 1975


CHRISTIANITY 35, 33, 32, 31, 30, 21
DEFINING TERMS 35, 10, 8, 7, 6, 2
FREEDOM, Management of 24, 18, 9
FUTURE, The 35,
LANGUAGE 34, 33, 25
LAW, Rule of 38, 31, 27
LOVE 28, 16
PERSONAL GROWTH 36, 27, 26, 23, 20, 15
POLITICS 38, 20, 13, 12, 10, 6, 4, 3
RELATIONSHIPS, International 34, 19, 18
RELATIONSHIPS, Interpersonal 24, 22
RELIGION 36, 35, 34, 29, 28, 15, 12, 5
SEX 12
--Talk Back 10 - 35
--Quote of the Month Various
--Relativist of the Month Various


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